How to make the most of daylight savings

Wollongong seems to be in hibernation through the winter months, hiding from the cold under blankets and books. Then spring comes, and you start to see the tentative dip of a few toes in the water. Some brave souls are beginning to stride out to beaches with dog companions traipsing beside them.

But in summer, Wollongong locals truly come alive. Most of us are here for the great surf, the hiking trails, the picnics, and the incredible outdoor landscape we call home. If that doesn’t ring of summer, I don’t know what does.  

Summer is the time to make memories that last a lifetime. And nothing serves as quite a better reminder that summer is on its way than the beginning of daylight savings! When the sunsets are just a little bit later, and just a little bit more spectacular. 


With just one day before we wind the clocks forward, we thought it was time to brainstorm some of the ways you can create incredible moments with your loved ones this year as the weather gets warmer.

  1. Explore the Blue Mile

The bike path the stretches along the coastline of the city, this is a great spot for families to enjoy the outdoors together. Take in the ocean views and learn about the area’s history through the signs and monuments. Some great coffee spots nearby to, with a particular favourite being Bread & Espresso.

And the Neuron scooters are on their way to Wollongong next month, so there are many options for exploring this special spot.

What better way to remember your experiences than with The Wollongong Map Activity Book? This free downloadable PDF can be printed off, with lots of great activities to complete at specific landmarks as you explore along the way.


  1. See the views at Mount Keira

There are some incredible bush walks in the Illawarra but the views from Mount Keira are second to none. If you’re a rock-climber, there are lots of great climbs here too.

The mountains are such an iconic feature of this part of the world, which is why Alex spent a long time drawing them on the map. He wanted to make sure they were prominent, and captured the viewers eye, just like they do from anywhere you look in The Gong.

  1. Record your memories together!

Scrapbooks, journaling, photography, maps. There are lots of great ways to keep your memories alive.

What we have found particularly special about sharing The Wollongong Map is all the great stories that emerge when people view it. Capturing all your favourite places in one birds-eye view, the map sparks all the good times you have had around Wollongong.


A great way to keep the memories alive is with your own print of The Wollongong Map.  

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