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The Wollongong Map

The Wollongong Map - Black & White

The Wollongong Map - Black & White

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The hand-drawn map of Wollongong - a stunning piece of artwork created over 2 years that captures the beauty and intricacy of this coastal city in a unique poster format. This black and white birde-eye view map is a masterpiece of detailed illustration. It is meticulously crafted and an impossible view of our beloved hometown and its surrounding areas.

  • Large - A1 size: 594mm x 841mm (23.39 inches x 33.11 inches) (Unframed)
  • Small - A2 size: 420mm x 594mm (16.54 inches x 23.39 inches)  (Unframed)

    Printed on high-quality paper with the latest printing technology, the map features intricate lines and details. The monochromatic tones add to its timeless appeal, making it a classic addition to any room.

    Whether you're a resident of Wollongong, an avid traveller, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of fine art, this view of Wollongong is the perfect addition to your collection. It's a piece that will remind you of your favourite spots in the city, and will make a lasting impression on anyone who views it.

    The map includes all the notable landmarks and locations in and around Wollongong, including the famous lighthouse, stunning beaches, and the beautiful Mount Keira lookout. It's the perfect way to explore and appreciate the city's unique features and hidden gems.

    Order your hand-drawn map of Wollongong today and experience the beauty of this coastal city like never before.

    Choose the size that best fits your space and decor, and enjoy the stunning detail and beauty of our hand-drawn map of Wollongong.

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